(Photo: Adrian Burrows)

I was the music director of the leading South American group Caliche (between 1986 and 2011). For 25 years I have been involved extensively in both music performance and in the delivery of educational workshops in primary, secondary and special schools.

I am currently involved in two projects:

  • collaborating with Pritam Singh in “TOGETHER in MUSIC, an exploration of the Music of India and Latin America”, a music education project promoting the understanding of world cultures through music.
  • the Leo Turner - Carlos Muñoz Villalobos Duo, performing music inspired by the rich guitar and folk traditions of South America. We have just finished with great success our first series of concerts for ‘Live and Local’ (www.liveandlocal.org).

Musical experience

I was a founder member of Caliche. Through the band I gathered a large breadth of experience as a performer, music director and project organiser. I was directly involved in all of the major work done by the band both in performance and in education.

Highlights in
performance include:
  • An early involvement at Womad and other major World Music festivals.
  • Concerts featuring ‘Misa Criolla’ by the Argentinean composer Ariel Ramirez with a number of respected choirs.
  • Regular tours of the Channel Islands, promoted by The Jersey Arts Centre and St James in Guernsey.
  • The ‘Planet without a Visa’ production with Vanessa Redgrave.
  • A long time association with Warwickshire based ‘Live & Local’ promoters, which allowed the music to reach a long list of audiences in villages in the Midlands region.
  • In the recording field I was involved in the production of all six Caliche albums.

Highlights in
education include:
  • I worked delivering music workshops in early years, primary and secondary schools since 1986 as part of ‘Caliche’. I was responsible for designing most of the content of the group’s workshops.
  • Reached the world music final of the Music for Youth Festival with an ensemble from Swanshurst School the year that Birmingham celebrated the Year of Music in 1992.
  • A long time collaboration with Symphony Hall’s Education Department until 2010. Worth mentioning are the ‘World Music Days’, the re-opening of the Town Hall and the Science of Sound Project.
  • Delivery of ‘Primary Live’, a five year project (2001-2005) in primary schools in Cheshire.
  • Involvement with ‘Sing Up’ as part of the World Music Project run by Black Voices in Birmingham.
  • Enjoyed a long term association with projects organised by “Sound Futures”.