Leo Turner - Carlos Muñoz Villalobos

performing music inspired by the rich guitar and folk traditions of South America


Leo and Carlos combine the pure tonal qualities of the classical guitar and the haunting sounds of traditional Andean instruments in performances of delicate South American magic.

The duo’s work is inspired by the great masters of the guitar such as Lauro, Villa Lobos and contemporaries such as Santaolallla, creating new music based on beautiful melodies from South America.

Leo and Carlos bring many years of performing experience to their work, revisiting the traditional repertoire with a fresh, contemporary feel. In their hands even the simplest and most familiar material takes on new depth and sounds freshly-minted.

Leo is a versatile guitarist who performs music from the Classical, Spanish, Jazz and Popular repertoire. He has many years’ experience performing in concerts and festivals. He has released two classical guitar albums and regularly performs with Frances Griffin. Leo also works as a teaching mentor for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and as an examiner for the London College of Music.

Carlos is originally from Chile and performed for over twenty years as a member of the leading South American group ‘Caliche’, with which he released six albums. He contributed a number of compositions to these recordings. He plays a variety of instruments including the charango guitar and Andean flutes.

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Venezuelan Valse mp3
‘Venezuelan Valse’

Leo Turner performing ‘Venezuelan Valse’ by Antonio Lauro. From the album ‘Guitar Solo’ (2011).

Rain drops mp3
‘Rain drops’

Leo Turner (guitar) and Carlos Muñoz (charango) from rehearsal sessions (2011).

Son Coiman mp3
‘Son Coiman’

Carlos Muñoz Villalobos (quenacho flute) and Leo Turner (guitar). (2012)
This is lament traditional of the indigenous people who inhabit the foothills of the Andes.