Q.- What age groups do you work with?

A.- I work with Early Years, KS1 and KS2 pupils. The workshops are adapted to different age groups.

Q. Can you organise visits involving more musicians.

A. Yes. I still collaborate with former colleagues in the group Caliche and have a choice of relevant musicians.

Q. - Do you work in Special Schools?

A.- Yes

Q.- Are you DBS checked?

A.- Yes, I have an enhanced DBS certificate.

Q.- Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

A.- Yes. I am a member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, which carry this insurance as part of the membership.

Q.- How many sessions can you deliver during a day’s visit?

A.- Normally 3 or 4 during a day’s visit. I try to accommodate a sharing session at the end of the day but it all depends on the time allocated by the school for the workshops.

Q.- How long are the workshops?

A.- Usually 60-75 min for KS2. Around 45 min for KS1.

Q.- How many pupils can participate in a workshop?

A.- Up to 30 pupils per workshop (class size)

Q.- What space do you need?

A.- The school hall is the best location due to the number of instruments.

Q.- Do you require payment on the day?

A. No. The school will receive an invoice shortly after the visit. I expect payment within 30 days.