Choirs considering the performance of Misa Criolla and Navidad Nuestra by the Argentinean composer Ariel Ramírez you may wish to know that we specialised in performing these works.

Misa Criolla is an iconic work in South American music and is regularly performed by choirs in Europe. We are able to provide an instrumental accompaniment with charango, guitar, percussion and flutes. This is the preferred option these days as it captures the authentic character of the music.

Navidad Nuestra is described by the publishers as “a folk drama of the Nativity based on the rhythms and traditions of Hispanic America”

We are also able to perform items from our South American repertoire in your concert.

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Carlos Muñoz Villalobos and Leo Turner

Mexican percussionist Armando Murillo

Both works are available from the Lawson-Gould Catalog and published by Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.